WLW Wednesday #1 : Out of Print Favorites + New Reads

WLW Wednesday is a weekly meme started by the dynamic duo Sasha and Amber @ Sasha and Amber Read. I will be attempting to do this meme fortnightly (as in, once every two weeks). The goal of this meme is to recap sapphic books we have read and loved, and thereby encourage ourselves to read even more sapphic books.

I want to start off with the first wlw books that I ever read. I haven’t read these two books recently, but they hold a very, very special place in my heart and I feel like my first WLW Wednesday would be incomplete without them. Please forgive the worn covers; these books were secondhand when my dad picked them up in the 90’s, and my adolescent self did them no favors. These books are no longer in print, so I had to tape the covers together rather than get new copies.

The Cage and Saber and Shadow are part of the Fifth Millennium series by S. M. Stirling and Shirley Meier, which is an action-packed adult fantasy series that is also, technically, post-apocalyptic. The relationship between Megan and Shkai’ra is beautiful and very well-developed, where they both acknowledge and respect the other’s fears and past traumas and help each other move towards a better future. This was my first taste of queer fiction, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

More recently, in July of this year I read:

Sawkill Girls is a low fantasy novel published in 2018 featuring three girls overcoming both a horrific monster from another dimension and a patriarchal cult! It was a very fun read, and the romance between two of the girls was so sweet and full of promise. (I realize this is WLW Wednesday, but Sawkill Girls also features some great asexual representation).

Next, The Luminous Dead is a horror novel published in 2019. it is a tense read, arguably the tensest and most suspenseful book that I’ve read all year. It takes place almost entirely within a cave where a deadly monster lurks, and a lone caver named Gyre must venture deep within the cave system, relying on supplies left by previous expeditions — supplies that grow leaner and leaner as the monster draws closer and closer… Gyre’s only source of human contact is via a comm link with her handler, a mysterious woman named Em. There was definitely a power imbalance in this book between the two women, but I felt like it was recognized and handled very well, and just the emotional ups and downs the two characters went through as Gyre’s mental wellness deteriorated was so painful but also so amazing to read. This was almost a five star read for me, though I haven’t written a review yet.

You can never have enough WLW books on your TBR. Recommend some to me! What sapphic books are on your TBR, and which ones are you most excited for?

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