WLW Wednesday #2

WLW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the dynamic duo Sasha and Amber @ Sasha and Amber Read! I will be attempting to do this meme fortnightly (as in, once every two weeks). The goal of this meme is to recap sapphic books we have read and loved, and thereby encourage ourselves to read even more sapphic books.

In the past two weeks, I’ve managed to read two books with wlw characters.

Juliet Takes a Breath (read my full review here) is about a Puerto Rican teen living in NYC who comes out to her family right before flying to the other side of the country to intern with her idol, a feminist author named Harlowe Brisbane. With her mom now barely able to speak to her, Juliet is looking for a queer, feminist paradise — but what she finds in Portland, Oregon is much different than what she imagined or even hoped for.

This book has so much joy in it; Juliet is coming into her own and learning who she is as both a Latina and a lesbian, and she’s experiencing real love for the first time. Juliet Takes a Breath isn’t just fluff, however; our title character also experiences heartbreak and betrayal. I loved this book; it was so vivid and so unapologetically, gloriously queer, with a focus on queer women of color.

On a Sunbeam (read my full review here) has two main f/f couples — Mia and Grace as well as Char and Alma. I really loved the juxtaposition of the two couples; Mia and Grace are two young wlw who are fumbling through a teenage romance, while Char and Alma are in an established adult relationship. They own a house together and are discussing whether to build an office with built-in shelving; it’s serious. This book has a lot of laughs, a lot of adventure, and even more heart — it’s found family at its finest, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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