WLW Wednesday #3

WLW Wednesday is a meme hosted by the dynamic duo Sasha and Amber @ Sasha and Amber Read! I will be attempting to do this meme fortnightly (as in, once every two weeks). The goal of this meme is to recap sapphic books we have read and loved, and thereby encourage ourselves to read even more sapphic books.

I finished a wonderful sapphic book last week.

I was not expecting to find WLW representation in this book. I was expecting to receive a relatively simple story involving killer mermaids (of which I received a more than healthy amount — read my full review here) but I got so, so much more than that. Don’t get me wrong — Into the Drowning Deep is a horror/thriller story, and a darn good one, but the humans are just as complex and interesting as the monsters. We have Deaf representation, ASD representation, and also some wonderful WLW representation! The f/f couple emerges midway through the story, so I don’t want to spoil who will end up with whom, but suffice to say I was so invested in this couple. It felt like a very realistic portrayal of a relationship emerging during a crisis situation, but managed to be so full of tenderness and hope at the same time.

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