5 On My TBR #9

5 On My TBR is a weekly meme hosted by E. @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook. Every Monday, we get to rave about 5 books on our TBRs that fit the prompt, and this week the prompt is…

Planned to Read in 2020.

Oof. This one’s painful. On the other hand, I can easily come up with 20 books I had planned to read this year but just never got around to, thanks to going on a book-buying binge through September. (It’s the Kindle daily deals — they get me every time). This is not going to be a walk of shame, though, but is instead a resolution and reminder for me to read these books in 2021. Let’s begin.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers (Wayfarers #1)

Becca @ Toastie Books is constantly hyping Becky Chambers — for good reason! I’ve heard really good things about this series, and it truly does sound like my cup of tea. This is one of my September impulse purchases (I need to formally apologize to my bank account for… so many things, ugh), which means that this ebook is just languishing in my Kindle library, waiting to be read.

Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells (Murderbot Diaries #3)

Ah, yes, another impulse purchase. I read All Systems Red, the first book in this series, and absolutely loved it. It was actually one of the first books I reviewed on this blog! (Which means that the review itself is mega-cringe and I need to re-write it so I can bring it up to my current standards, lol). I don’t have the second book in the series, but that’s easily cured by a trip to my local library. I need to just go to the library more often rather than checking those blasted Kindle daily deals every day. Seriously — it’s a bad habit of mine!

A Winter’s Promise by Christelle Dabos (The Mirror Visitor #1)

I hauled a physical copy of this book in my second ever Sunday Post (which feels like a lifetime ago, whew). It’s an interesting fantasy in and of itself, but what really caught my eye was that it was originally written in French and has only recently been translated to English.

The Perfect Assassin by K. A. Doore (Chronicles of Ghadid #1)

I hauled this book alongside A Winter’s Promise back in September. I have heard rumors that the protagonist is asexual, which WOW, OKAY, I AM HERE FOR THIS because I considered myself asexual for a really long time and just enjoy seeing that representation in fiction. Supposedly, the fantasy is fairly unique, and the assassin (rather than going around killing people) is trying to solve a murder mystery.

Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski (The Witcher #1)

Okay, so technically speaking Blood of Elves is #3 in the Witcher series, since there are two collections of short stories that precede the main storyline, but Goodreads says Blood of Elves is first and I’m not going to argue with that.

Anyway, I play the Witcher video games, I love the new Netflix series and am eagerly anticipating season two, and I have the two collections of short stories, but for some reason I’ve never actually started Blood of Elves. I’ve been meaning to read these books for over a full year at this point, but never quite got around to it.

And that’s it! Writing out this post was actually a little cathartic, because I got to forgive myself for not finishing these books in 2020 and move on. How did your own 2020 reading plans veer off track? How are you feeling about it?

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