Can’t Wait Wednesday #13

Can’t Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Tressa @ Wishful Endings. It’s based on Waiting on Wednesday, which was hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine. CWW is a chance to cast a spotlight on books we haven’t read yet, in particular ones that have yet to be published,

This Wednesday, I can’t wait for…


A charming historical fantasy with a tender love story at its core, from the author of Unnatural Magic.

Hard-drinking petty thief Dellaria Wells is down on her luck in the city of Leiscourt — again. Then she sees a want ad for a female bodyguard, and she fast-talks her way into the high-paying job. Along with a team of other women, she’s meant to protect a rich young lady from mysterious assassins.

At first Delly thinks the danger is exaggerated, but a series of attacks shows there’s much to fear. Then she begins to fall for Winn, one of the other bodyguards, and the women team up against a mysterious, magical foe who seems to have allies everywhere.

Release Date

January 12, 2021

Why I Can’t Wait

It’s sapphic and a bodyguard romance??? Sign me up! Admittedly, the bodyguard romances I usually see involve the protector and the protectee falling in love, rather than two protectors, but I think I can really settle into this. Why does this “rich young lady” need a squad of bodyguards? And what skills does Delly bring to the table for this job? What happens when (or if) her real identity as a mere alcoholic petty thief is eventually discovered? I have so many questions! I need answers!

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